Clonbur Woods Tour

Between Loughs Corrib & Mask

Clonbur Woods Tour, Co Galway

The tour will take you deep into Clonbur Wood situated between Loughs Corrib and Mask which is a place of impressive biological and geological diversity. The landscape features a U-shaped valley, drumlins and a limestone pavement. Rosshill Cemetery at the edge of the wood also features the ruins of a 13th century church, Teampall Brendán. visit they wonder

Clonbur Woods
Clonbur Woods Wildflowers
Start: Loop walk Trail Head 2 at Rosshill Cemetary (co-ordinates 53.554705,-9.367420), turn off the R300 (Clonbur – Cloghbrack/Finny road)
Finish Point: Rosshill Cemetery, Clonbur
Distance: c. 8.30 km
Duration: c. 2 hours 40 minutes
Language of tour: English or French
Level of difficulty: Easy to moderate
What to wear: Good waterproof walking shoes & waterproof clothing
Numbers: Minimum 4 (paying), Maximum 20
Prices: €10 per person, children (under 16) free. Group rates for >10 on application

Clonbur Woods Walk

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