Tours Around Galway & Westport

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you arrange transport and accommodation?
No, we only provide the guide. However, we can provide you with links to companies that provide cars and drivers as well as links to hotels that our clients have found to be good.
Do we share our tour with others?
If you take a standard tour you may be sharing with others. If you book a customised tour your tour will be private and personalized so you do not share with anyone else.
How many people can you take on a tour?
Our minimum number is four and our maximum number is twenty for a standard tour and for customised tours there is no lower limit and the maximum is fifteen (number of passengers in a mini-bus).
Can we book a customised guided tour for two people and increase the number later on?
Yes, but if it is a customised tour requiring a vehicle and the increase necessitates a larger vehicle, most chauffeur-driven car or bus companies will require a minimum of twenty-one days notice.
Are admission charges included?
No. Standard tours do not include any sites requiring entrance fees and on the customised tours you get to choose what you want to see as the tour progresses so we do not charge you for tickets in avance. Our guides will defer to the in-house guides where they exist.
Does Anne’s Irish Tours organize tours of several days duration?
Yes, we can plan a guided tour of any duration with you, however, you will have to book your own accommodation and transport but we can advise you on that.
Can you provide an interpreter?
No, but Anne can guide in French and she can source guides for German, Italian and Spanish-speaking guests. However, advance notice is required for the latter.
Is a deposit required?
A deposit is required and is refundable on a sliding scale depending on the amount of notification given.
Can we bring a packed lunch?
Yes, and if you let us know in advance we can bring a cooler bag and /or hot water if required.
What should we wear / take with us?
You should wear or bring showerproof clothing as the climate is changeable and wear comfortable walking shoes.
Can we bring children on tour with us?
Yes, you can.
Are your tours suitable for wheelchair customers?
Yes, the standard tours are suitable and you will be informed if any sites you select to go to during a customised tour are not suitable.
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